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M.K. Zoubi is not welcome to Haifa University

Through the last years, Haifa University has been coming out with several acts against various public activities held by Palestinian students movements in the campus, these rejections are always justified as for “security reasons” by the Dean!

Two weeks ago (15.11.2010), Haifa University rejected a request by Balad students movement to hold a political conference, due to the participation of MK Haneen Zoubi. By this position, Haifa University, which claims to promote freedom of speech, chooses to siege it again and again inside the limits of the Zionist discourse.
The following is the Dean’s response letter to the mentioned above students request:

“After consideration and examination of the information given, I came to a decision not to approve the request of Balad students group to carry a public activity that will deal with the subject of ‘The political situation in the past year featuring MK Haneen Zoubi.’
As it is known, MK Zoubi has participated in the Flotilla to Gaza which ended up in bloodshed, unprecedented public uproar in general and for MK Zoubi participation in it in particular. In light of this I postponed my decision to examine the atmosphere at the time that you requested to hold the activity. By the end of last week, I evaluated the situation in which I realized that other students groups, after they knew about MK Zoubi’s visit, intend to take advantage of the event for violent clashes that could lead to bloodshed. In addition to all this, the mentioned intention derives from the interest to “burn” the campus a minute before the Students Association elections in order to achieve as result a political gain. The circumstances that were brought up create a sense of certainty that is close to the assumption that the event will cause a real breach of public of the order in campus, thus there is a real concern about students’ safety and staff on campus. So, I decided not to confirm holding the activity as requested. If you ask to hold the conference at the time requested without presence of MK Zoubi, I will examine the request positively.”

At last MK Haneen Zoubi arrived to the University and was “greeted” by a Zionist right-wing protest. Worth noting – those who held this “unapproved” protest by the Dean were not arrested or brought to sentence as it is usually the policy of dealing with “pro-Palestinians” spontaneous protesters.



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