OPPRESSION IN THE SHADOW OF WAR | Academic Watch Project New Report

“Oppression in the Shadow of War” is the Academic Watch Project latest report evaluating the support of Israeli academic institutions and students unions for the assault on Gaza during November 2012; as well as the suppression anti-war demonstrations by Palestinian students.

In sumغلاف التقرير الثاني _ انكليزيmary, this report serves to shed light on the Israeli academic institutions and its ongoing support of the Israeli military as well as its continued aggression against Palestinians. It points out particular examples of existing discriminatory university policies, and the actions of the police against Palestinian student demonstrations during the most recent attack on Gaza – also known as Operation “Pillar of Defence” – with a specific focus on University of Haifa and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

For the full report:
For the Arabic version:

The “Academic Watch” project sprouted from the “Youth Empowerment” program in the Arab Culture Association (ACA). The “Academic Watch” aims at exposing the racist and discriminatory policies, processes and declarations, in addition to the prejudices to the rights and freedoms of the Arab students in the Israeli academic institutions, thereby also shedding some light on the connection between the Israeli academia and the security and occupation systems, by monitoring and documenting all forms of discrimination, racism and militarization, exposing them locally and internationally and lobbying for putting an end to them. Moreover the “Academic Watch” is an interactive space created on the social media, provides legal and journalistic training for students and publishes reports in Arabic and English.

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