The Academic Watch Project

The “Academic Watch” project sprouted from the “Youth Empowerment” program in the Arab Culture Association. The program’s aim is to foster the ability of the Palestinian Arab youth leadership to produce social and political transformations

The “Academic Watch” aims at exposing the racist and discriminatory policies, processes and declarations, in addition to the prejudices to the rights and freedoms of the Arab students in the Israeli academic institutions, thereby also shedding some light on the connection between the Israeli academia and the security and occupation systems, by monitoring and documenting all forms of discrimination, racism and militarization, exposing them locally and internationally and lobbying for putting an end to them. The project is a continuation of the Monitor’s activity, which the Association commenced a few years ago, and during which it issued some important reports about the racism and the militarization in the Israeli academia

The Arab Culture Association has put together a group of Palestinian Arab university students, who attend different universities and colleges. These students went through legal and journalistic training, then set up and activated a page for the “Academic Watch”, an interactive space created on the social network “Facebook”. They have also prepared a number of special reports about the major cases of discrimination against Arab students, which will be published during the Academic year 2012-2013

The network of activists in the “Academic Watch” will be working on extending the network and on the inclusion of more students interested in changing the academic reality and in putting an end to the policies and phenomena of discrimination, racism, political oppression and militarization. The network will also motivate and encourage the general public of students to document and monitor such cases and will raise the students’ awareness regarding their rights and liberties as students. Additionally, it will work on consolidating the values of equality, justice and struggling against discrimination and racism, and putting pressure on policy makers in the academic institutions in order to put an end to the racist and discriminatory violations, policies and practices

Moreover, the Arab Culture Association will provide legal support and consultation through professional legal accompaniment, as part of the “Academic Watch” project




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