The 2012-2013 Academic Watch Project Report

The 2012-2013 Academic Watch Project Report is latest report on the 2011-2012 academic year highlighting a multitude of violations of the rights of Arab students. In summary, this past academic year saw a more aggressive oppression of the freedom of expression and organization of cultural and political activities by Arab students, and increased evidence of a militarization of these institutions in addition to institutionalized racist and discriminatory policies.

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The Arab Culture Association (ACA) based in Nazareth recognized this problem among the Arab student population in Israeli academic institutions and launched a monitoring initiative several years ago in order to explore this issue further – known today as the Academic Watch Project (AWP) which reports instances of racist and/or discriminatory practices targeting Arab students and student groups within Israeli academia, and in some cases, the cities where these students study. This project aims to bring attention to these issues not only at the local level but also to reach the international arena to expose this unacceptable reality. Exposing these discriminatory policies and practices is vital in highlighting the connection between the Israeli academia and the state’s security and occupation systems – but more importantly, laying the foundation to eradicate this issue.

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